Our Suburban Farm

That ability to have some degree of autonomy…is a potential huge strike against the system…it’s a strike of consumption

David Holmgren, speaking on the excellent @for.the.wild podcast

For the past few years we have been turning our home space into a permaculture backyard farm. Our efforts have included replacing lawn with garden beds, planting edible herbaceous and woody perennials, co-creating outdoor space with wildlife, growing annual vegetables, composting, and creating native plant gardens. Our attempts ramped up considerably in 2019 when we removed our in-ground pool and replaced it with a vegetable garden. Although we are aiming to grow a portion of our food and herbs, we also want to share the abundance of our space with community. We have hosted events including tours, art shows, and outdoor music concerts in our backyard space.

In 2021, we will continue our suburban farming with some exciting new elements including:

  • Permaculture backyard tours (TBA)
  • A backyard concert
  • Urban/suburban permaculture workshops (MAYBE)
  • A permaculture garden stand – every Tuesdays, late afternoon, beginning May 25 until October 12 (excluding August 24)

A permaculture garden stand?! Yes, due to a bylaw change in the city of London, residents are now permitted to sell produce grown in their backyard from their residence 20 times during the year.

Our suburban homestead events will be posted on this page.

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