Our Practices

Gentle Beekeeping

We use organic practices within our hives (please note: our honey cannot be certified organic based on current standards in Ontario which requires no pesticide use within a 3 km radius). This means we never use miticides, prophylactic antibiotics, or routine artificial feeding.

We are gentle beekeepers which means exactly what it sounds like. We try to cause as little harm as possible to our bees. Becky is a long-term vegetarian/vegan who consciously tries to respect the preferences of all animals. For our beekeeping practice, this means that we only take small to moderate amounts of honey leaving ample supplies for the bees.

Permaculture Farming

We practice a form of permaculture (regenerative ecological design) that is grounded in social justice, cooperative relationships, and sharing.

We take permaculture ethics seriously. They are:

  1. Care for the Earth
  2. Care for People
  3. Share the Abundance

In practice this means we do not use artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides. We focus on creating diverse polycultures (lots of different plants growing cooperatively together) that allow for abundance. We want non-human animals to flourish in our space and primarily deal with ‘pest’ issues through mechanical deterrents (netting, row covers) and attracting predators such as wasps.

We are committed to workers rights for farmworkers and, if we ever have staff, pledge to pay a living wage. We believe that herbs shouldn’t only be for financially well-off people and strive to make our herbs and workshops accessible while also providing a decent livelihood for ourselves.

We support struggles for the rights and sovereignty of Indigenous peoples and nations and will look for opportunities to work in solidarity with the the nations near our residence and our farm site – the Chippewa of the Thames, Munsee-Delaware, and Oneida Nations.

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